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Official Home Page Of TeamKarma

TeamKarma cycling team since 1998

Team Karma is a group of riders that share the same passion in cycling.  The group meets every Sunday morning at different trails.  We do charity rides, century rides, cycling trips and local races.  Our Sunday ride is fun, relaxed (most of the time),  a time to forget about daily distractions and to connect with nature and be out with friends.  So if being a couch potato has become passe to you, join us!  Cheers!


Live Strong, Fuerte vivo, Fort de phase, Lebhaftstarkes, Forte in tensione



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Check this out!!!

-If any of you guys planning to visit Philippines on your next vacation, you can check out this website...


-Helpful street riding safety tips from Bo..


-Check for Saturday ride. They welcome any MTB rider.








Oct. 24     check     Los Robles 7:30am





 ( check the above links for schedule ) 




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